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Attention Social Media Marketeers: Are You Fed Up Trying to Generate Serious Traffic from Facebook? Then YOU need to read every word of THIS…

Hardly surprising, because Facebook now gets more visitors than Google’s search engine.

In fact, there are currently about 859 MILLION folk with a Facebook account – 483 million of whom log in daily, with the rest usually logging in every week or so.

And Facebook membership is likely to hit ONE BILLION by the end of the year.

Just to put that into context: there are now seven billion people on the planet, which means that by the end of this year ONE IN SEVEN people will be on Facebook.

And here’s some good news…

Facebook is no longer just a hang out for college kids.

It’s now come of age and companies such as Coca Cola, Ford, Dunkin’ Donuts and Red Bull are just four of the giant multi-national companies enjoying a strong marketing presence on Facebook.

But, don’t think you have to be a giant corporation to warrant a presence on Facebook.

Prominent business people – like billionaire Donald Trump, personal development guru Brian Tracy and Virgin Atlantic Airline CEO, Richard Branson, are just three personalities that have very active Facebook pages.

And they bother doing that because…

They all know Facebook holds
the key to selling anything

That’s because all three understand the core feature of Facebook – its ability to build relationships with, literally millions of prospective customers on autopilot.

Because you need to build a relationship with someone before they will buy from you.

Let us…

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